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A step-by-step process in an easy-to-read workbook 

Propel Your Small Business to Success is a workbook-style publication that offers you, a small business owner, a step-by-step process to gain expertise, increase operational efficiency, and maximize profit in every area of your business. What you really want is an easy way to uncover hidden areas of inefficiency and waste that are draining resources, find new sources of revenue, and maintain a streamlined operation with increasing profits every year. But, you don't want to take courses or read stacks of books about things that are complex, time-consuming, or might not even benefit your business. 

Learn to analyze every aspect of your small business

You can learn from this compact, organized, and simplified process for analyzing every aspect of your own business, so you can make logical, prudent decisions that will boost profits--without having to become a small business expert. The book offers you a step-by-step, concise, methodical approach to reviewing and analyzing all business functions that are key to profitability. It gives you exactly what you need to know on each topic--and no more. Each chapter includes the most important questions for you to answer on the particular subject, helpful tips to maximize efficiency, and a detailed checklist for review.

Forward-thinking systems approach

While many business owners take a "rearview mirror" approach to profit maximization by recording and studying transactions that occurred in the past, Propel Your Small Business to Success is a systematic approach for you to look forward through the "front windshield" and make decisions that affect future operations and, ultimately, net profit. As you read the book, you will have many "Oh Wow!" moments as you gain a competent, working knowledge of areas of your business that you previously felt were inaccessible to you. You only have to answer the questions and work through the checklists to gain new and important insights about what will boost profits.

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Do these questions sound familiar to you? 

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Propel Your Small Business to Success. You'll learn the true meaning of the word "survival," learn to clearly identify sources that define solid business decisions, and become aware of opportunities that have been present in your business that you never recognized. 

Propel Your Small Business to Success is a simple, step-by-step system in a book and 40 video lecture series to grow your business beyond what you thought was possible. 

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